Let us introduce eLEMÉR to you, who was born at the Institute of Educational Research and Development in 2010. He is called eLEMÉR, because he evaluates (“mér” means “to measure” in Hungarian) “e-related things”, that is the ways in which schools use information technology and digital pedagogy in their teaching. The sel-evaluation tool offers an overview of how ICT is encorporated into the different areas of pedagogical work and helps the schools in their self-development by offering technology-related solutions.

Under the TRIAL menu you can get to know eLEMÉR and the content of the self-evaluation framework. Here you have to decide the extent to which the statements are true for your school. The  overview and user’s guide offer further help and instructions how you can use this tool and why it is worth applying.

Once a year, on Elemér day, 28th of February, the national database is saved and analysed. Based on the statistical data that are not older than 12 months the  national survey results  are calculated.

Please browse through the menu for further support in your work and contact us with any questions and suggestions.

Wishing you success,

eLEMÉR and his colleagues

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